Complete Digital Forensic Services

Laptop, Desktop & Server
Operating Systems supported: Windows, Mac and Linux 
Fast, discrete and Forensically Sound on-site or in Lab acquisition 
Any drive type: IDE, EIDE, SCSI, SATA 
Any drive configuration: stand alone through RAID 1 - 10

Virtual Environment
Hypervisors supported: VMware ESX - ESXi
Guest Operating System supported: Windows, Mac and Linux 
Forensically sound Virtualization Forensics
Fast, discrete and Forensically Sound on-site acquisition 
Any drive type: IDE, EIDE, SCSI, SATA 
Any drive configuration: stand alone / shared through RAID 1 - 10

Complete Cell Phone, PDA and GPS imaging and analysis using: CelleBrite UFED Physical - handles 3,000 different phones and GPS devices.

Fast hardware based acquisitions 
Voom HardCopy II up to 5.5 GB per min 
Logicube Forensic Talon - featuring keyword searching during acquisition Software based acquisitions - FTK, Encase, SMART with Tableau hardware write blockers 
All of our write blockers (hardware and software) are regularly validated to NIST Standards (ask our competition when was the last time they validated any of their write blocks)

Production of image format: 
Raw dd
Encase E01
Drive images delivered on any media: forensically sound duplicate hard drive, CD, DVD, BLU-RAY

Establishment and Preservation - Chain of Custody

Thorough Forensic Investigation: Encase, FTK, SMART, X-Ways and Autopsy
Establish definitive Timeline of Activity 
Complete Document, Image, IP, PII recovery
Password recovery featuring Fast PRTK - DNA distributed network
Litigation support - Expert Reporting, Deposition and Testimony

Incident Response with complete Malware & Attack analysis Complete system recovery and safe return to service

Data Recovery Services:
Email recovery: Windows, Mac and Linux environments
Deleted files, directories and partitions restored
Data retrieval from crashed / failed hard drive


The highest levels of industry certification:

    CIFI, CCE, ACE, GCFA, GCFE, GSEC, VCP4/5 - vExpert

Florida State Professional License as a Private Investigator (C 2800597) Board Vice President - Florida Association of Computer Crime Investigators (FACCI)

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